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Multi 6-Figure Online Business Coach & Freedompreneur


Chanel gives the tools for women to transform their lives and businesses through strategy and community, so they can live a life of freedom!


Ambitious women who are motivated and ready for change. Whether that be complete newbies who have not yet started a business or successful entrepreneurs wanting to scale.


I want to rewrite the rules, break stigmas and challenge the system so women can live their full potential in freedom.


I empower women to create the lifestyle of freedom they want for themselves by giving them the tools to create a high income from anywhere in the world. Connecting women, building community and creating lasting friendships and memories.


To provide honest, clear plans and tools that work. No bs, no icky business strategy and coaching. I am committed to changing the lives of my clients because I believe when a woman earns more money and has more freedom then the world is a better place now and for future generations.


I am the only business coach who teaches women how to build 6-figure empires with all the top highest paying online models, so they can have financial freedom and location independence.

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If you're a long time follower of Koh & Koh you may remember the REBRAND we did in 2021, which was a complete new look. (Click here to view the rebrand portfolio). As Chanel had grown and gotten more clarity with the future of her brand, it was time for a 2023 refresh. No dramatic changes, simply tweaking the branding she already had to feel more aligned with the message she wanted to communicate to help attract a slightly different audience. This meant a more dynamic look was necessary... more colours, more fonts, more extensions yet still simple and easily recognisable. As a minimalist designer I always say less is more, but sometimes more is more too. Now Chanel has more freedom to create variations of styles but still look cohesive.

Chanel moodboard (4).png

To the left you can see the moodboard for the refresh. A collection of images to pave the feel for direction of the project. 

Building from what Chanel already had but focusing on more depth and layers in design. Adding in a gold texture and neon effect was a must!

Before the design was very minimal 2d, now we've moved into a simple, classy but still bubbly and fun 3d design look.


As a part of the refresh project, updated photos were a necessity. Chanel loved the photos I took in Mexico 2022 so much she invited me to Portugal for a few days to do another shoot!  Below are just a few examples of the photos I took. Click to view the shoot in Mexico


Another amazing experience working with Emily on my brand refresh. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly evolving and changing my vision, mission, and focus so my brand really needed to change with it. Once again, Emily has sparsed my expectations and provided an amazing array of brand colours, elements and designs so that I can spend the next few years creating social media content and updating my website so that it's always feeling fresh and exciting. Cannot recommend Emily and her team enough. They are awesome!

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