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  • Do I need to provide copy?
    Yes, you will need to provide copy for all collateral and website. We can collaborate with a copywriter within your project to make sure it's all covered for you at an additional cost.
  • Do you offer graphic design?
    Yes, we offer graphic design for all our branding clients ongoingly. Once you work with us we hope it is only the start of our relationship and would love to help you build your brand into the future. We may also be able to offer graphic design if you have had your branding done by another professional. Unfortunately we don't offer this service to anyone who hasn't gone through the whole branding process.
  • What is collateral and what does it include?
    Collateral is the application of your branding, touchpoints for your audience to feel/see/hear your brand usually for marketing. This includes (but not limited to): Social media design - posts, banners, stories etc. Business card PDF/documents - workbooks, welcome packs etc. Presentations - webinar slides etc. Logo animation - video intro etc. Brochures Websites would also be included so we address this separately due to the nature of our packages.
  • Are there any hidden costs?
    No hidden fluff. Simple transparent and honest, like how we design brands. Any additional costs will usually be requested by you and confirmed by us. What is outlined in schedule 1 of your contract is what you need to pay… no hidden costs. Additional costs may include extra rounds of refinements, extra concepts, additional collateral, a copywriter etc. Again, not hidden but discussed beforehand. The price may increase depending on the quantity and complexity of your brand(s). The prices shown are for one brand only. There will be a fee if we need a reply from you to move forward with the project when necessary after 7 days. If there is still no communication we may suspend or determinate the project.
  • What file types do you provide?
    Logos, marks and brand extensions - PNG (+ Ai if required) Stylescape, presentation board and brand guidelines - PDF Social media design - PNG Document design - PDF (Different file types can be requested and agreed)
  • What are your payment terms?
    We ask for 50% before starting your project and 50% at the end of the refinement phase for smaller projects and a split in thirds for bigger projects. Though a deposit is always required to begin the project we can adapt payment plans to suit you. We can offer a discount if you would like to pay up front.
  • How many concepts I get to choose from?
    We provide one concept. Why? If we were to divide our time and best ideas into 2-3+ great concepts, we miss out on what could be one exceptional concept. With the one concept approach, we explore all directions and exhaust all the possible ideas behind the scenes before presenting it you, plus we make sure before we even start the design process that we’re on the right track by presenting a stylescape, created from your questionnaire, strategy session and our research in the exploration phase. Once you give the thumbs up to the stylescape it would be almost impossible for you not to like the one concept. If you feel a few changes need to be made then that’s absolutely fine, they will be done in the refinement phase. Quality > quantity. Too many concepts make the process longer and more difficult than it needs to be, leading to indecision and dilution. Generally, there is always one strongest concept when provided 2-3+, that’s why we invest all our time into the strategic process that will ultimately end in the highest quality solution that actually works. Let’s get real though, you are paying us to solve your problem and talk directly to your ideal clients through your brand, you’re not paying us to provide options for you. By making you an art director and having you choose your personal favourite, we’ll lose out on the magic we spent so much time/energy on.
  • How many revisions do we get?
    We offer 2 rounds of refinements. Tweaks can be made but the foundation of the concept will remain the same. One round would include us discussing all the necessary changes and putting them into action whether it's 1 or 5 individual changes. When we come back and present the concept with those changes made, that is one round complete. Repeating the process would be two rounds. If you require more rounds (which has never happened) it would be an additional cost.
  • I don't understand the design Jargon you've used!
    At Koh & Koh we like to keep things simple and to the point though it's important these words are used correctly to avoid confusion down the line and for you to communicate these to other people within your business whenever necessary. Primary logo - your main official logo, the one you will use most often Secondary logo - a simplified/alternate version of your primary logo Brandmark - an even simpler version of your logo that can be used on small scales/as a watermark, favicon etc. generally without words Typography - involves your typeface, style, structure and appearance that has been designed to convey a specific message/feeling Typeface - the family of fonts e.g Helvetica Font - an individual font within a typeface e.g Helvetica Bold Italic Brand identity system - includes the basics of logos, brandmark, typography, colour palette. Can also include pattern, iconography, photography etc. Stylescape - a moodboard taken to the next level, to communicate and present the feel of your project Presentation board - your concept presented in depth Brand guidelines - a rule book on how to communicate your brand. Essential to keep your brand cohesive and consistent once the project has finished. Mockup - a scale model to present a design PNG - a high-quality file format that is not editable but does support transparency (important for your logo) Ai - a vector image (editable) in Adobe Illustrator format. The file to give when you’re working with another professional e.g printer, graphic designer etc PDF - generally a read-only document file
  • How many clients do you work with at the same time?
    One brand design client at a time. To give our full attention, energy and time into the project making sure we give high quality and a quick turn around. For small graphic design projects we may work with 1-3 at one time.
  • Can we start now?
    We're sooo excited you want to start straight away. Please book your discovery call here. If we are fully booked you may be able to pay your first 50% to secure your spot in the virtual que. We generally take prebookings just up to 1-2 months in advance. We're looking forward to meeting you!
  • Who is in your team?
    You can meet our team on our about us page! + a team of behind the scenes specialised designers and professionals in other areas.
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