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Business coach, Serial Entrepreneur

and Digital Nomad Mum

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is the founder & owner of The Dream Club, Self Made, Dream Big and Digital Nomad Mums. A humble, powerful woman who has changed many lives including my own. In fact I would not be doing what we do right now if it wasn't for her.

Through community and strategy, Chanel coaches women to achieve financial freedom and location independence. Of course, I am biased after joining The Dream Club in September 2020 but I have a lot of gratitude for Chanel.

Who does Chanel Morales serve?

Chanel has multiple brands which I will explain in the concept below. Each brand draws in the same type of woman but simply at different points of her life.

The Dream Club and Self Made are for the women who are perhaps stuck in their 9-5 job but ready for change, ready to take that leap of faith into a better life. Dream Big is for the woman who has gone through the process of making that change, she has had her business for around a year and reached her first financial goal of around 2k per month but is stuck on that next step of growing, scaling and stepping into the next level. Digital Nomad Mums is the community for all women with a passion for travel and worldschooling at all stages of their business or perhaps not yet discovered that the entrepreneurial path is for her. All of these lovely brands are hosted and coached by Chanel Morales herself.


Who is this type of woman? She's a rebel, someone who lives by her own means, she wants to provide the best possible life for herself and her family and just have fun! With the help of a community of women cheerleading her, Chanel's processes and her strategies this woman is limitless. Without all this, she tends to jump from one thing or another, shiny penny syndrome controls her and she easily slips back into the safety net of her comfort zone.


Chanel approached me in Feb 2021 with the idea for a complete rebrand. Before I had joined Chanel's course I had already been eyeing up the amazing potential and opportunity within her brand! Though she had a visual refresh in 2020 it did not strategically bring the brands together long term. So, with a clean slate we worked on our biggest project to date that had to incorporate a well thought out brand architecture, so it could grow without getting more confusing, busy and unclear to her audience.​

We created the master brand for Chanel Morales herself at the top, to allow a base to stem from. The sub brands all have unique offers and therefore personalities too, the clients of these individual brands will likely be a part of them all at one point or another. The journey to retaining a loyal client would first meet Chanel through her Digital Nomad Mums Facebook group, be inspired and join either The Dream Club or Self Made (depending on her budget and how she prefers to learn). After graduating and making an income of around 2k+ per month she will then join Dream Big which is an ongoing membership that will help her grow and scale consistently.

We wanted to differentiate the brands clearly by colour, giving each one a unique primary colour that would be easily recognisable and reflect it's personality. Chanel, the master brand would have a simpler palette that would also be seen within the sub brands to show the visible connection to the coach of them all. The logos for the sub brands would remain the same design but simply changing the colour and name allowing room for growth in the future for additional brands too.


Chanel is quirky and memorable for many reasons, one being known for her Pineapple that appears in many of her photos, emojis and background. The pineapple which represents tropical themes, luxury and celebration was the inspiration for the main logo. It commands attention and is a memorable element that can feature regularly throughout the brand.


It was important to balance the bubbly, fun personality with the sophistication of strong, empowered women that make up these brands. This yin and yang of the brand identity is represented in the bold colours, grounded with the strong black and white and again in the font using a clean, modern style that has subtle fun flicks and curls.

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During the exploration phase we collaborated on a Pinterest board, where we find inspiration and common patterns throughout. These 3 images were the ones that stood out the most, from the neon lights at a pool party, the typography of the Nomad Burger logo and the vibe of the colourful pineapples. If you would like to have a scroll through the board, click here.


When travelling Mexico in 2022 together we took the opportunity to do a mini photoshoot in our AirBnB in Cozumel. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, though I only had my phone camera luckily that was enough for a successful shoot! Chanel and I have become friends since this branding project, you can feel the comfortability in front of the camera here. And what sums up Chanel Morales' brand more than holding a pineapple near a pool!

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Thank you lovely ladies in the dream club for coming together to gift this gorgeous neon sign to chanel


In 2021 I decided to hire Emily and her team for a total rebrand of my businesses, and what they created in the following months can only be described as outstanding. They were able to capture the entire essence of my brand in just a few colours and create designs that represented exactly what I had been trying to say. The final product was bold, brave and colourful, exactly what I had wanted. There is no one else I would go to for brand design and I would highly recommend then for all of your branding and design needs.

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