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Designer, art director, brand mentor, entrepreneur and mum are also some of the titles I go by...


Koh & Koh was born through working with my first ever coach (shout out Chanel!), I was a young mum at the time, desperate to stay home and work but having no idea how my passion for design and creative DNA could turn into an actual business. 


Little did I know, the only thing in the way between me and where I wanted to be was a whole load of limiting beliefs, years of negative self talk and social conditioning to address and work through. 

Back then I truly believed that my creative talents were average, everyone could do what I could and I had nothing special to offer to the world except perhaps stacking shelves in a shop (very particularly), making good coffee in a cafe (spending most the time perfecting the heart on my lattes) and making cocktails behind a bar (but instead handwriting the menu boards). 



It was clear to everyone but me at the time (brand) design was what I was meant to be doing. Wherever I went and whatever I did I would naturally gravitate towards using my creativity to help/improve what was around me. Luckily after working with my coach I unintentionally fell into the world of self development. 


I have always been ‘awake’ ‘an old soul’ as people tend to tell me, but when I stepped into entrepreneurship, I stepped into a reawakening… unlearning and learning everything I thought I knew about myself and the world around me. My eyes were opened to the coaching/wellness industry, Koh & Koh's first niche.


People helping people to improve their lives as individuals, making the world a better place as a collective inspired me. With my new found passion for coaches (mentors, guides, healers, therapists, teachers), my commitment to making a positive impact, my natural creative talents and fascination with human psychology… They effortlessly linked together to create Koh & Koh in 2020.


As a highly visual person I have always been interested in art and design, pictures can speak a 1000 words but I was intrigued to know how. Branding has many meanings to different people but when I learned that a brand is only a perception that exists in the mind of the audience, I found my calling in strategic design, intentionally shaping the perception to be felt, thought and perceived in a certain way.


How this linked with my goal of helping coaches make a bigger impact was becoming specialised in strategically designing brands for them, so they can connect with dream clients who are in total alignment with them as a person/brand and the journey they will embark on with them. Koh & Koh is a collective of lovely people who come together to make this magic happen!

I sit here writing this as my 3 year old sleeps next to me. I’m now working from home and my dream of serving people through my passion for design and creative DNA is my reality. I’m unrecogniseable to the person I was when I started this journey which I give thanks to the coaches I have worked with/followed who were and are the key to helping me become my true best self. 


Now I get to return the influence by helping soul led coaches connect and communicate with the people they are meant to help. Creating a cycle of goodness in this place we call earth! I am so grateful to be a part of the butterfly effect this work has on people, making a bigger positive impact in the world. Thank you!

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We are happy to respond to applications here

Koh & Koh is ever-growing and evolving. I'm honestly very particular about who joins the team as it's important not only the quality is high but our values and ethics align too. Other talented and humble people may work behind the scenes as we harness each individuals skill, we come together to create magic. Specialist freelancers tend to join us in some projects!

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