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Becky Pope

Founder & owner of The Freedom Finance Club - the go-to place for women who run their
own business that wants to create a financial ‘game plan’. It empowers and educates women to get smarter with money to achieve freedom, balance, confidence and security.

A collaboration

Before our project, Becky worked with Liz from Elevate to discover and clarify her brand foundations which created a solid strategy for us to design from, giving us the advantage to create a successful design project that not only looks good but actually works.

Who does The Freedom Finance Club serve?

Women who are already established/successful within their business but perhaps embarrassed by their lack of financial knowledge and plans for the future. She likes things simple and she's a smart woman despite being financially vulnerable and perhaps financially disorganised too. She is ready to take action in this area of her life and business and knows it is the key to a secure future while maintaining an enjoyable present.

The Concept

The Freedom Finance Club was designed to communicate the core essence of the brand being balanced, empowering, professional yet approachable. To reflect this we created a shape that will be used as a brand mark and pattern, being something that is easily recognisable and memorable at a glance. The positioning of the pattern/elements throughout the brand is done in a somewhat ‘freestyle’ method to further reference the freedom that the brand promises to offer, in the financial aspect of the ideal client’s business. The shape is made up of a circle and semi-circle together, the circle representing a coin that will be especially recognisable when used in gold, representing power, wealth and wholeness. The shapes connected together were inspired by the concept of the semi-circle representing what the client has within their business at present, before working with TFFC. The other half of the circle which is missing represents everything the brand has to offer that the client doesn’t yet have... a financial ‘game plan’ for freedom, balance and confidence, now and in the future. With what the client has before working with TFFC, plus all the knowledge and skills gained within TFFC, the two semi circles create a whole circle


I wanted to write to say a big huge thank you for all the work we’ve recently done together. It’s the 2nd time I’ve worked with you & your team at Koh & Koh, deciding that I needed to rebrand after having my business for a while.


You are always super patient with me which is what I need! But I can’t tell you how much you have put my vision and message into my new branding. Your creativity is just amazing and I’m in love with my branding, logo and brandmark!


It’s also super helpful having all my brand guidelines which help when I’m looking at my social media posts, website creation and all sorts of other business decisions. You’ve made some brilliant suggestions for future growth for my business which I’m absolutely going to look into & the posts that you created for me are so amazing I want to post them all at once!!! You’ve always been available for help when I needed it & regularly checked in with me with the progress of my branding so I always knew where we were with it.


I will always highly highly recommend you as I was kind of floundering with my direction before this work with you!  Since posting my branding ive had so many compliments which shows how amazing it is. Thanks again Emily and team I just adore everything you’ve done for me xxx

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