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Tania Pan

Founder and owner of SoMos, a woman who created her family
via sperm donation & embryo donation. She took many years to grieve Plan A and suffered infertility as a result. She now dedicates her life to ensuring others don’t make the same mistakes she did.

What is SoMos?

A movement and community of parenting solo, not alone.


SoMos Collective is the place where Solo Parents go to find community, information
and a safe space. 

SoMos Mentoring empowers those who are considering parenting intentionally solo. It helps them grieve the lives that they imagined having and embrace the one that awaits.

SoMos Retreats are boutique vacations that are aimed to bring as much joy to the
child as to the parent.

The Project

Our collaboration was to create a complete rebrand of 'The Fertility Mentor', a dated brand that did not reflect who Tania is and what she wants to create, nor did it visually intentionally attract the clients she wanted to work with. 

Tania had plans of simplifying and expanding meaning we needed to create a brand that was minimal and not overwhelming yet empowering and unique. Tania had a vision of adding a membership for a hub knowledge and community of like-minded people and also saw herself hosting family-friendly retreats for intentionally solo parents and their kids. 'The Fertility Mentor' wasn't in alignment with this new change and direction of the brand.

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The stylescape above paved the direction of the project before the design began which was a collage of feelings, attributes and styles curated from our discovery sessions, research and Pinterest collaboration.


I’d had my business for over a year and my branding was off.  I enlisted the help of Koh & Koh and the experience was more than I could have dreamed of! 

The journey to get to the Branding which I am now IN LOVE with was a collaboration all the way led by the brilliant Emily.  Every aspect of what was created fits me perfectly with symbolism In every part. 

Working with Koh & Koh was fun, effortless and a huge success!  Seeing your vision brought to life is truly amazing!

I started off clueless - I didn’t even know what to call my business… and now I have the most perfect - fitting branding which I can build on, add to and live with forever! 

Highly recommend working with Koh & Koh and be assured that you’ll love what they create!

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SoMos =
Solo Mother + s

We renamed the brand by compounding the individual words Solo and Mother.

Tania knowing Spanish had the idea of adding a simple 's' on the end making it 'somos' which means us in the language.

In English also, adding the 's' letter makes the word plural, reflecting the community aspect and harmonious contradiction of solo but not alone.


The concept for the logos and brand marks was inspired by the space below the first O in SoMos, a perfect opportunity for a simple symbol under each making the logos almost the same except each with its own flair.


Collective is represented in the dots around the O, with the dots symbolising people, coming together in unison and with the ʻO’ above acting almost like a table to indicate sitting around a table and being together (linking in with the Retreats).

Mentoring is represented by the two lines you’d see on a positive pregnancy test, one being slightly faded, just like it is shown on a test strip. It also represents equality, one of the main core values of SoMos. A brand that does not discriminate gender, age, sexuality and colour but empowers those who are uterus owners.

Retreats is represented by the hills and mountains, inspired by Oaxaca, Mexico where the first retreat for SoMos will take place. Retreats can also be represented by the waves of the ocean making it perfect for beach locations too.

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Before Rebranding

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