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Who is Katja?

Katja is the Good Vibes Coach empowering women towards confidence, fearlessness and resilience.


She guides women towards raising their energetic vibration with sound, voice and music, and helping them reconnect to their feminine power, inner-knowing and self-healing abilities.


Unique, open minded, friendly, held, confidence, creative


My purpose is to raise the vibes of the world using my sound and voice.


I want to contribute to lifting the collective vibration of women.


I empower women to raise their energetic vibration, using sound and music, to nurture them towards fearlessness and confidence.

The Process

Katja created her own branding by following Koh & Koh's framework in our DIY course. From discovering her brand core - purpose, mission, vision and values. And refining her brand attributes - feeling, impact, voice, client, culture, uniqueness.

From this she learnt how to translate her core into visuals. Starting from creating a mood board (on the right) so she'd have a clear direction on choosing colours, fonts and creating her logos.

*Katja did the live coaching course and did upgrade at the end for a design takeover where we fine tuned the work she had done herself. 

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The Concept

Sound is medicine, It's extremely powerful mentally, physically and spiritually.


Sound is everywhere and in everything, it is so commonly known that it was an interesting task to create a unique visual representation of sound that elicits the right feeling and message of the brand.

For Katja's logos and brandmark the shape was inspired by scientific art - the Chladni Plate. 

In 1787, German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni published a technique to visualize the modes of vibration of a rigid surface.

Sand/salt is poured onto a metal plate where a speaker below plays different frequencies to create different patterns. Even the things you cannot see usually can be turned into an art. 

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Katja's Course Experience

I worked with Emily and Koh & Koh in the self-paced branding course earlier in the year and just...Wow! | have yet to find a time when I don't love using the branding I created with her and feel super chuffed with the result! The thing with Emily is, it is much more than just business with really feel as though you are being guided by a wonderful friend, as well as an outstanding brand designer. Thank you for everything you've done during and since the branding course with you Emily! x

I just think this is such a brilliant program! I'm so happy I signed up, I'm learnt so much and also gained loads from it. I'm feeling super confident about it as well...I feel that the course is very clear and concise. I honestly think it's fantastic value for everything you provide and the outcome we will get...I've been telling loads people about it!

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