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Ashley Hutt

is the founder & owner of Inner Sunshine. Ashley offers a life returning solution for women suffering with physical, mental and emotional pain in her Freedom from Migraines program. In her words, the only side effects will be 'unshakable self-love, worthiness, enoughness, patience, joy and love'.

Who does Inner Sunshine serve?

'Women suffering from Migraines. They lose multiple days a month to the migraines.  They live in constant fear/expectation/anticipation of when the next attack will arrive.  They fear and worry about commitments and plans, birthday and celebrations, vacations and weddings – worrying that they will get a migraine and ruin everything.  They feel like they are missing out on life.  They are often seen as flaky and unreliable.  That judgement affects their belief and feeling of self worth.  Many don’t even get understanding from their doctors.  They have tried many medications, many that do work or at least help, but that also come with varying side effects.  And the effects of the medications wear off over time and they have to try to the next thing.  They feel generally misunderstood and like they are unable to get the care they need. '

The Concept

As Inner Sunshine's ideal clients are migraine sufferers it was important to keep everything simple, clean and bold enough to be seen without any stress to the eyes. Inspired by the peacock and its symbolism of love, guidance, knowledge, confidence and spirituality we based the concept on the bird itself and went from there. We chose a palette of strong deep colours that balance both power and warmth, blues and purples to ground the palette from its secondary and accent colours of sunshine yellow and creamy neutrals.

Everything fell into place like it was meant to be in this project, exploring colour psychology confirmed that even more. The blues represent freedom and confidence, purples for serenity and wisdom and yellow for energy and of course, sunshine. All reflecting back to the peacock, its meanings and colours.


The logo was created from 5 different elements tied into one.  The shape of the peacock's feathers when fanned, three individual feathers to represent the main brand attributes we discovered; love, freedom and healing, freedom itself as a shape, a rising sun and the rays from the sun inside the shape rather than outside to represent the 'inner' of Inner Sunshine. The Art Deco style connected with Ashley and her vision for the visuals which flowed harmoniously with the shape that we created.






Inner Rays






Working with Emily and her team was amazing! It started with an awesome questionnaire that really helped me get my ducks in a row about my business. Then the shared pinterest board of all kinds of inspiration to get us all on the same page. The personal touch continued throughout the design process and Emily's commitment to getting it 'right' for all of us to ensure that I LOVED it and I do! I'm so thrilled to have a brand that is not only beautiful but has meaning embedded in it that relates to me, my business, and my mission. The guidelines are perfect for me to use or pass off to other consultants to ensure that everything stays on brand. I love it all!

AH_Brandmark_Love_Light (1).png

During the exploration phase we collaborated on a Pinterest board, where we find inspiration and common patterns throughout. These 3 images were the ones that stood out the most, from the shape and colour of the peacock feather, the shape and delicacy of the body jewellery and the colours from the bedroom with feelings of warmth and safety.

AH_Presentation-17 (3)_edited.jpg

Inner Sunshine



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